It’s 2018!

A year of adventures, joy and a heap of mileage on the bike!

I kicked off the year with a particularly ambitious training programme. To be honest,  I was pretty nervous, but it’s been manageable, hard but not making me sick or too tired, so I am stoked!

A number of new projects are percolating, the Flahute season is looming and we are off to Italy in the not too distant future. Good times.

Candy is training for the Rome marathon as well as juggling work and cycling, so we are pretty busy all around, that and all the food and wine training we need to do as well for our trips.

After sorting out my hands last year, it was time to sort out my troublesome feet, they only play up in Summer, after getting a referral to a surgeon many months away, and the pain pretty unbearable, we made a last ditch effort and it’s paying off – W00t! Super happy after spending so much money on treatment and shoes over the last four years.

The hounds and the cats are getting along – the puppy is a teenage ratbag who has taken to scrumping apples and apricots in the orchard. Ccino is always in great health and being a rascal as well, leading the eager puppy astray at every opportunity.

Lots of goodies and merchandise is coming which is rather daunting and exciting.

Let the good times roll.

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Is There Anybody Out There?
What’s this phoney ceremony, hanging around?
We’ve got to, get down, rock it out from this shaky ground.
Come on and spread out your hearty, party mood everywhere.
Lets see you people laughing, people punching out in the air.
Get down to the hip hop a beat bop a bo la, you hear the sound it’s all coming to ya.
I’m gonna get ya, I’m gonna tease ya, I’m gonna get this beat to hit ya.
Get down to big time illusion, life on the run
Come on and jump and jump and funk that feeling, give all your best.
You’all get up and dance, you gotta get up and dance, you’all gotta get up and dance, yeah.
You’all get up and dance, you gotta get up and dance, you’all gotta get up and dance, yeah.




Is There Anybody Out There?