March was a month of two halves, the first half was frenetic and full of tired Shailer from all the volume training and the second half was calmer and quieter with “only” intensity training. I am starting to feel nice and fit but it will no doubt it will be a pleasant shock when I hit the real slopes of European mountains and the end of their winter chills.

So far I’ve ridden half of the mileage I did last year in the first three months, so it’s a good start to getting back to where I want to be.

I also managed to get around the South Island for some work and got a bit of fun cycling in as well – win win!

We seem to have identified the issue with my feet – I have an extra bone in the pad – and I have been trailing some new ways to support it that looks to be paying dividends. I still have some issues when walking and a bit of neuroma I think, but the worst pain is gone and I am seeing a specialist in May. Looking good for the future, I have spent so much money and quite a few pain tears chasing this down.

As this month closes, we begin packing for our month long journey to Europe, not as stressful as this time last year, practice makes perfect they say, It’s also good to have some paying customers!

PocketRocket is working through the frustration of picking up an injury in the weeks just prior to her Marathon in Rome, but I’m confident she will be able to get her medal… Then it’s a cycling programme with a bit of running – the lure of cycling on the Flahute tasters proving too much.

Everything has fallen into place nicely for the trip, fingers crossed for only fun misadventures.

We have a loose itinerary outside of the tour and the run, but it shall be filled with exploring, wine and yummy local food!

Back at home, we have had quite an adventure with the hounds, with both of them coming into heat (Maccy’s first) and having plenty of gentleman callers and the hounds being very naughty and running off as soon as they were let out, Ccino disappeared with a friend for a day and a half. So now they are truly prisoners, only let out under leash and no running around the park and playing on berms and in the water for now.

It does look like we are transitioning into Autumn now, the nights are darker, there is a bit of chill in the air (yay!) and so I turn my thoughts to preparing for another awesome season of the Flahute bike packing adventures.

I had couple of long days of feeling quite low and the depression got on top of me, but I am learning to ride it out and sure enough I came through it. I got stuck into cleaning and packing and planning more international trips,  as well as a few local favourites I have been meaning to knock off for some time with some fun company – get fit quick Mountain Goat!

Here is a collection of the mischief from the month just gone….

Time for a Change

You act as though you were a blind man who’s crying
Crying ’bout all the virgins that are dying
In your habitual dreams you know
Seems you need more sleep
But like a parrot in a flaming tree
I know, it’s pretty hard to see
and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s time for a change
but still you try like a fat boy dancing gershwin’s blues
But you’d rather sit at home and watch the news
and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s time for a change
I’m beginning to wonder if it’s time for a change
Time for a Change