So December was a bit of a surprise I had girded myself to be prepared for lots of melancholy and FOMO watching people riding around and playing in the sun and having lots of adventures whilst I felt sorry for myself recovering from my surgery, but to my surprise I recovered quite quickly, so much that by early December I was able to start riding – yes very slowly and sensibly and by the end of December I was riding 3 or 4 times a week although sub-60 minutes. All very heartening and the foot was good, in fact all the post-op pain has been less than the pre-op pain.


The first couple of rides were quite interesting with the wound not liking jarring and being in a shoe, but I’ve now handled a bit of gravel, some baby singletrack and a few hills, but nothing that last more than 5 minutes. All going well indeed.


It seems I have been freaking people out with my awesome scars and bedraggled toes, so much so I have to go to the doctor to sort out the toes 😀 The scar of the foot is responding well to my constant massage and moisturising – chick may dig scars but I like functioning body parts.


Also of interest was the handing over of the Flahute baton to others to “run” the ride – it was very strange to watch from afar, but travelling long distances in a car, let along a bike wasn’t going to happen. Thanks to Tony, Brett and Scotti for stepping in and up, both rides went well and it will continue with more and more people next year – Candy and I are both looking forward it.


The strange weather patterns continued with much rain, chill and a bit of sun, which meant that the Park has gone nuts with growth, so I foresee a lot of work in January with the spray pack getting it all back under control.


Not being much of a Christmas person, I managed to avoid going into town, yay for a sore foot, but we did have Scotti and family over for Christmas lunch which was exhilarating with two young monsters. I had run out our monsters earlier that morning so that they were too tired to be too naughty. A good day.


Candy is back into running and will be soon starting the first of her two marathon training programmes that will prepare her for the London Marathon, a big goal, particularly as she has been on the ballot for 3 years. She has also started commuting and has decided that she wants to out-bling me after finding an excellent deal on a very flash bike – sometimes it’s good to be a short gal, but she can tell you all about it next month.


Other than that, I got a lot of super exciting paperwork done, some plotting and planning for next year and I started to get lathered up and excited about our trip to Belgium and London in April – whoop whoop.


See you later alligator, here is the month in pictures


Medicine Man

Don’t let me find out, the bitch in you
Don’t let me find out, the snitch in you
Fame and fortune
It’s not your forte
Fuck the world now
I’m done with foreplay
Doctor’s orders
Go fuck yourself
Take two a day
Set them on an overdose
And kill yourself
Doctor’s orders
Listen, this is my evaluation
This shit over saturated, y’all can get evacuated
Kids sipping Actavis and they ain’t even activated
Married to the internet, stuck in place, salivating
Ain’t nobody graduating
Don’t nobody love this shit the way I love it
That’s why I gotta hate it
Everybody out for fame, that ain’t no exaggeration
Damn I’m getting aggravated, fuck, I’m getting agitated
Teachers so underpaid in these fucking schools
The police got our name in all they databases
Girls be thirteen acting twenty-two
Niggas be forty-four acting half they ages
Somebody tell me, what the fuck is going on?
These niggas in tight shit, I’m in the fucking Matrix
It’s looking like a sign of the revelation
‘Bout time of the return of the fuckin’ greatest
I got all these patients man, how come they ain’t patient with me?
They just think I want the money, why?
When I can’t take it with me
Y’all don’t do it for the love, for the love not
They gon’ find out who you are, just admit ‘fore you get admitted
Say, what you living about
Fuck you gon’ tell me
Do you remember how you started out though
You looking lost now
(You want a pass, oh damn)
Fake it ’til you make it
Take your little paper book
When you look in the mirror your credibility’s gone now
I’d rather be hated on for who I am
Than to be loved for who I’m not
That’s word to doc
Fame and fortune
It’s not your forte
Fuck the world now
I’m done with foreplay
Doctor’s orders
Go fuck yourself
Take two a day
Set them on an overdose
And kill yourself
In the beginning a few of the people who had a problem
I was this good, scoffed, I just shook off
Probably reminded you of the first time you saw Tiger Woods golf
Never thought about how much my race and nationality meant
But based on how I ascended, see how plain it was now, they want me to jet
No one really gave a fuck about my descent, ’till I took off
Mistook me because I look soft
But I stood tall, I just follow the (Doctor’s orders)
So I rose and grew balls, told these hoes to screw off
Decided opposing you is what I’m ‘posed to do alls
I did was say what I’m feeling when the vocal booth calls
And had you on pins and needles when I spoke to you all
You felt my pain, it’s almost like I poked voodoo dolls
And I hope my spirit haunts the studios when I’m gone
My picture jumps off a poster and just floats through the halls
And fucking goes through the walls like the ghost of Lou Rawls
Karma’s headed for Armageddon, the drama setter
I’m going in, already got an arm and head
And whoever said word are just words
Can’t hurt me more than I give a fuck
Even if my image ends up taking a personal hit
Whoever I hurt or whatever bridges I burned
In this bitch and whatever bitches feel like
They didn’t deserve what they get
And whatever consequences come with every verse, it’s worth it
So Doc turn the beat on, whose turn is it to get murdered on it?
And here’s to all the years I spent toeing a line to overtime
As sure as I’m always lying, in my mind
I’m still underground as a groundhog and I’mma go for mine
Like a whole furrow just tryna dig up some gold and diamonds and coal to find
I’m starting to slow and these lines are my nines
I just load up the most rhymes and open fire with a closed mind
All I needed was someone to co-sign, been a (Doctor’s)
Assault rifle with the sniper scope for this whole time
Day one, set with the blasters, give me the orders, I spray uh
Pain in the ass and get shot in the ass with a paint gun
Ain’t no one safe from, non-believers there ain’t none
I even make the bitches I rape cum
I’m waiting on someone to say something
Dre make the bass pump and let the tape run for old time’s sake
I spit it straight through, this is take one
The moment you’re waiting for has come but
Fame and fortune
It’s not your forte
Fuck the world now
I’m done with foreplay
Doctor’s orders
Go fuck yourself
Take two a day
Set them on an overdose
And kill yourself
Doctor’s orders

Medicine Man