I am going to share one of my BikePacking Lite ™ secrets – Tailwind Nutrition!

Their by-line is all you need, all day. Really, and that pretty much sums it up.
I can ride a 200k day on two Flahute bidons, one with water and one with Tailwind and a few gels, bites and cookies, fasted.
I am pleased to say that Mark and Fibi from Tailwind Nutrition NZ is offering fellow Flahuters a discount code on Tailwind products.

Because I am a good boy, I don’t keep all your details, but I have a good memory, so people who have done a flahute ride or have registered for one can take up this superb offer.

Send me a message or email and I will send you the code.

Mark is also keen on some of the rides this year, so you can chat with him about the products (or me or Skotti).

Cheers Ears