A good reminder after reflecting after a good hard ride, pondering the meaning of life and how Shailer finds his “Shailerisms,” is why?

Why did I do it? Why does my body hurt? Why is my bike broken? Why Why Why….

I am a firm believer in “Plus est en vous – There is more in you.”

If it’s easy, will you remember in a week, a month, a year?
I’m sure no-one who was there forgets the snow and hail of that Coaster, the frozen turnip fields of the High Country Brevet, or sliding down the Antimony Mine Track on your arse in the dark after 10 hours on the bike in dry, sunny conditions?

Sure, some people did less, some did more, maybe you found your limit, maybe you needed help, maybe you really didn’t want to get up on day two.

I know it’s difficult not to compare yourself to others, most of our life we are encouraged to do just that, but the Flahute rides are all about you and we have the patch to help remember.

Now the challenge can be anything really, to finish, to get to the start line, to climb the last hill, to beat your last time, to not forget something, to carry less, to beat someone else (a little bit naughty, but hey, it’s your challenge.)

The photos and stories are magical for reminding you of the good (and bad,) but the patch holds a secret, it’s your challenge to release your Inner Flahute.

I rode with people who did their longest bike ride, their longest time in the saddle, the longest slide on rock whilst supposedly riding, crossing the biggest river, first time using navigation, getting lost and found, being cold, hungry and thirsty, laughing and pissed on one alcoholic beverage, of completing that bloody course, cursing and thanking me on the same day and meeting new and strange people.

Maybe that’s why…