So July started with a bang with a lovely surprise of a week of birthday celebrations from my beloved good times ensued.


I went back to my acupuncture mistress to nail my knee pain plus working out that much of the knee pain and my back pain is actually about a twisted pelvis and the relatively easy fix. Yippee. She also began helping with the ongoing foot issues.


After my first MRI which was kind of exciting, I finally a conclusive diagnosis with my dodgy feet and the first part of my treatment plan is some ultrasound guided cortisone injections to see how it helps with the interdigital neuritis but it seems likely that I will have to have surgery as I won’t stop cycling. The injections were fine but the filling up of the toe web spaces with cortisone was a very uncomfortable feeling. But to be honest what was worst was the week off the bike!


We have our First Waikato brevet which was fantastic, good numbers and a terrific course, very scenic and interesting. We also had a quick catch up with family which was lovely.


My training going pretty good now that I have worked out the knee issue, keen to see what it’s like on a proper long ride, but it may be a few weeks yet. Coaching is going great, it’s good to help others and see them hit their goals and targets.


We had two French dinners to celebrate Bastille Day and Le Tour! Whoop Whoop.


At Now For Something Completely Different aka the Flahute Enduro in the magical beech forest singletrack mecca village of Reefton. It was super fun, the weather a bit inclement but still so good to get back into beautiful Beech Forest Singletrack. Good to share some of my favourite trails with new people, good times.


The children are all good, Maccy is getting adult sized but no less clumsy or daft, she is starting to realise she is stronger and fitter than Ccino and is causing some havoc. Ccino is in amazing condition and health considering and is almost puppylike. The cats are good enjoying winter and worshipping the fire god.


A nice couple of weeks of cold, sunny windless days, but back to wet winter but it’s at a time when I am supposed to be off the bike so helps not to be tortured.


Candy is loving her new job and is back into training for the first of a couple of 1/2 marathons for the remainder of the year. But we still manage to have a few cocktails, fun and picnic rides with friends.


Looking forward to getting stuck into the rest of the season of the Flahute and putting the finishing touches on the next season of Alto Cycle Tours. And of course, the continuing adventures of Candy and I.


Piccys –


It’s not because I lied to you that you should not believe me now
I knew that I was dancing in the face of a pending catastrophe
I don’t believe in this love anymore, but I long for it just the same
Like hood-wind believers who still make offerings
Kisses and caresses I gave to others
For all the gold I stole from us
Cuando te fujiste, me dijiste (when you left, you said)
No podemos ser felices, (we can’t be happy)
Amaneci cansada y triste (I woke up tired and sad)
Mira mi vida, l’amor, y esta nostra historia. (Here’s my life, the love and our history)
Sono nuestra fe no volvera. (just our faith is not coming back)
They say the eyes are the windows on the soul
Don’t close yours, because it hurts my dear
We despise what we have built
We made our lives a pot-lap ceremony
Who gave more, who took less
There is no death in the game of chess
Just a wounded queen and an injured king who have lost their dreams
Hoy soy mas fuerte, (today I am stronger)
Cher que te vuelvo aver (I want to see you again)
Bajo el quiso de otra mujer (take down the love of the other woman)
Creo que voy a lo que se. (I think i want whatever)