Lots of cycling and working at home and generally being active and fun stuff with friends and my beloved, next month is all on the road too, whoop whoop!

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Can’t Get Enough

Well I was kind of wondering, wondering
Whether you could help me out
With a problem that will kind of a make you go scream and shout
It’s a problem that I face, of time and time or place and place
Whenever they’re coming they’re bringing it back
And hippity-hoppiting and jumping the bass, say Yoko Ono
Do you wanna go-go, quick
Jumping a back into my groove, like my brother
Sticker, flicker, flicker to a flavor
Beats are rocking harder than a brick to a layer
Ease up, ease up, brother brown put your knees up
Begin to be flipping and kicking like a Bruce Lee feature
â??Cos teacher wanna tickity-tick the shallow preacher funk
Eat ya like a cream puff, â??cos I can’t get enough
Can’t get enough
Can’t get enough, can’t get enough, no [4 times]
Here it is for hers or his
For his, for hers, for better, for worse
For what it’s worth, the second verse, the verse gets funnier
Mixing up a storm, brewing up a tornado
Having an abundance of platonic relationships
Reminiscent of my man, Mike Plato
I was running down the street, just screaming I was blind
But I lost my voice, like I lost my mind and I
Couldn’t get another [5 times]
Sworn, to conform, to the norm, yawn, like a lawn
Born, I was born, to reform, war torn
And I was breakin’ indeed
An’ runnin’ an’ singin’ an’ making â??em off the cuff, woo
uh uh uh uh, â??cos I can’t get enough
Can’t get enough
Can’t get enough, can’t get enough, no [8 times]
So high, can’t get over it
So low, can’t get under it
So wide, can’t get round it
Oh rock my soul
Star steery steps now, stowing it, still sticky
People stop picking now, makin’ people picky
Tricky Micky had a hickey, maybe he went for a quickie
What the thingamejig, watchamecallit, doohickey
The rain in spain falls mainly on the rapper
My, my, my, my, M.C. Hammer
Euh, euh, euh, stammer
D-d d-d d-d d-d d-d, jackhammer
Can’t get enough, can’t get enough, no
Can’t Get Enough